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Platinum Exterior Cement Paint is world standard premium quality waterproof cement paint which is used for protection and decoration & exterior surfaces of the buildings. It is improvised with state of art technology achieved through continuous research and development. Its formulation results in easy mixing, excellent hiding, resistance to fungal &algae growth, longer pot life, easy brush ability and extra covering capacity, proper application of tarang exterior Cem-Paint coating provides extra durability and longer life to the paint film.
Surface Preparation :
New plastered surfaces should be allowed to mature for at least 8-10 weeks before applications of cement paint to achieve dryness & proper setting. Surface should be free form efflorescence (saltpeter) or algae & fungus at the time of application of cem-Paint. To treat efflorescence (saltpeter) on freshly plastered walls, apply on the affected surface 8-10% solution of hydrochloric(muratic) acid in water with a paint brush, leave it for 5-10 minutes or when bubbling on the surface stops, wash down the surface liberally with water (ensure adequate precautions and wearing of rubber gloves during this exercise). Algae & fungus can be treated by treating the infected area with either a fungicidal wash or by applying 4-5% solution in water of calcium hypochlorite (with approx. 35% chlorine content) or a household bleach, by brush, leave it for 24 hours, wash liberally with clean water and stiff wire brush and allow it to dry.

All surfaces where Cem-Paint is to be applied should be clean, stable, dry & free from any cracks, loose flaky coatings, algae fungus, grease, dirt, dust, distemper, lime etc.

Walls with multi coats of cement paint should be thoroughly scrapped with wire brush and washed with water before application of new coating of Cem-Paint. do not use sand paper.

Mixing of Cement Paint :
Roll or shake the bag to loosen the contents, take volume of water in clean container. Add two volumes of tarang exterior cement. Stir well with a thick wooden stick or with hand to get a thick soft paste. Add another volume of water to make it brush able consistency. The paint thus prepared should be used within two hours. Keep the bag or bucket tightly closed in a dry place when not in use.
Application :
Before the application of cement paint, the walls should be pre-wetted by spry of water. In summer months the walls become very dry and warm because of high temperature. It is therefore advisable to pre-wet only small areas to ensure retaining of moisture at the time of application of cement paint. Avoid application of cement paint in strong winds and direct sunlight.
Water Curing :
After 8 to 10 hours of application of the first coat of cement paint, the surface should be sprayed with clean potable water. Please note that if the curing is not done, it will result is non -setting of cement paint. After setting of first coat, the surface should again be wetted of first coat, the surface should again be wetted before the application of the second coat of cement paint. After 8 to 10 hours of second coat, final curing should be done twice a day with an interval of 8 to 10 hours for 2-3 days.

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