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Areas of Application:

Platinum Walltech LWC is used for waterproofing of RCC columns, beams,basements, roof slabs, and screeds, water tanks & water retaining structures, external plastering, bathrooms and balconies, sumps and drains.

Benefits of Platinum Walltech LWC:

  • Resists corrosion of steel
  • Increase work ability of plaster and concrete
  • Increases its strength and durability
    Waterproofs mortar and concrete

Method of Application:

-Add 200ml of Platinum Walltech LWC for every bag of 50kg cement in the concrete mortar mix.
-The recommended dose of Platinum Walltech LWC should be mixed into the gauging water while preparing concrete or mortar. The concrete or mortar should be mixed 2 to 3 minutes throughly to dispense the liquid.
-Cure the applied mortar or concretes as good construction practices.


Do not consume orally. In case it happen by mistake, immediate contact Doctor induce Vomiting.

Recommended Storage Conditions:

Maintain water-cement ratio as low as possible(<0.5) for higher durability of concrete and mortar. Chloride constent <2.0%


Best before one and a half year from the date of manufacturing when in sealed pack stored under proper condition.


Platinum Waltech LWC available in 1 Ltr., 5 Ltr. and 200 Ltr.(IP) Packaging.

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