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We offer pure and flawlessly white Platinum Waltech  plaster of paris (POP). The whiteness of this plaster of paris (POP) stays for years together thus proving the fact that it's purity is not momentary but a long lasting one. Platinum plaster is a superior quality plaster of paris (POP) as its manufacturing process includes many strong scientific tests. The major test is the calcium cooking process wherein each droplet of pure calcium sulphate is boiled at a predetermined temperature and the silica is separated. The result of this procedure is that Platinum doesn't shrink or crack after drying thus our plaster of plaster is very user friendly and doesn't create much problems for the user.

Platinum Waltech plaster of paris (POP) is so finely ground that it is a low density powder thus it cove

rs more area with less material. It is also available in good quantity at affordable prices. We offer light colored, high strength and extra fine plaster of paris (POP) which has BIS marked standards. This plaster of paris (POP) settles slowly thus gives enough time to the mason/worker to complete his work, another advantage is that after settling the plaster of paris (POP) becomes strong thus it increases it's longevity. 

Platinum Waltech plaster of paris (POP) is produced with isothermic micronic process and at predetermined temperature and controlled moisture. This high quality plaster of paris (POP) is packed in the right quantity with secured packing measures. Thus Platinum Waltech plaster of paris (POP) is available in the exact required packs in the market and there is no compromise in the quality. PackagingAvailable in 25kg & 40kg


Plaster of Paris is prepared by mixing many chemical ingredients, chiefly Calcium Sulphate or Gypsum and other hydrates, which are found in large amounts on a hill near Paris (hence, the name – Plaster of Paris!). Here are some key benefits of POP that make it ideal for decorative ceilings and walls in residential/commercial buildings

  • It can be easily molded into different shapes.
  • Gypsum in POP imparts the extra shine and smoothness.
  • It mixes easily with water and is even easier to spread.
  • It is an excellent fire resistant product and hence ideal as a perfect heat insulating material.
  • It doesn't shrink or develop cracks on setting.



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