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Platinum Waltech Tile Adhesiveis a polymer modified cement based high performance, high strength, and high quality tile adhesive developed to fix vitrified tiles. Suitable for both internal and external, thin bed applications.


Technical Parameters complies with IS Specification

  • Features & Benefits
    -Hassel free mixing of Ingredients
  • -Excellent Strength
  • -No Decrement
  • -Economical
  • -Nil Wastage
  • -Easy Extensive
  • - Strict on Quality
  • Areas of Application
  • Platinum Waltech Tile Adhesive is recommended for fixing vitrified tiles. It is also recommended for tile-on-tile, tile-on-mosaic, tile-on-cement floors. Suitable for Wall & Floor applications.

    Surface  Preparation 

  • Prepare the surfaces before the Tile adhesive application by removing oil, bond inhibiting agents, dirt, dust and laitance. The cleaning can be carried out with suitable methods like by using wire brush, water jetting, mopping, etc.


  • -Tile Adhesiverequires 25% of water by weight of material (4 parts of tile adhesive and 1 part water)

    -Mix Platinum Waltech Tile Adhesiveto the measures quantity of water using mechanical stirring for 2-3 minutes to ensure a consistency free of lumps

    -Allow to stand for 2 minutes for the mix to mature and then remix to use

    -Do not add any extra water to alter the mix consistency or to extend the pot life. Further water additions will hamper the adhesion strength of the Tile Adhesive


  • Apply the mixed Platinum Waltech Tile Adhesive to the prepared substrate using the appropriate notched trowels for the size of the tiles being laidApply the mixed Platinum Waltech Tile Adhesive the prepared substrate using the appropriate notched trowels for the size of the tiles being laid
    ● A minimum of 3 mm bed thickness of Tile Adhesive for walls and floors must be achieved
    ● Lay tiles onto the adhesive, firmly press the tile on to the adhesive to ensure good initial bonding, and
    do not disturb tiles until the adhesive has set
    ●  No pre-wetting of tiles is required while using Platinum Waltech Tile Adhesive
    ● It is recommended to fix the tiles within 30 minutes of spreading of Platinum Waltech Tile Adhesive to achieve the adequate bonding as per the Technical data provided
    ● Any tile fixing after 30 minutes will lead to improper adhesion and may result in de-bonding of tiles
    ● For vertical area applications, tiling should start from bottom to top
    ● For tile-on-tile, tile-on-mosaic, tile-on-old cement floor application, care should be taken to prepare the existing base with adequate interlocking friction effect by removing polish/wax/top smooth layers



Bulk density 1450-1550 Kg/m3
Water powder ratio 25%
Pot life 1 hour
Open time 30 minutes
Adjustable time 30 minutes
Usage time post application 24 hours
Compressive strength @ 28 days 7-8 N/mm2
Slip resistance @ 20 Kg/Sq.m. 0 mm
Coverage @ 3mm per Kg 4 Sq.ft.
Tensile adhesion strength @ 28 days - IS 15477 Values
Dry condition 750-850 N
Wet condition 550-650 N
Shear adhesion strength
  Dry condition @ 24 hour 3.5-4.5 KN
  Dry condition @ 14 days 10-10.5 KN
  Wet condition @ 28 days 4.5-5.5 KN
  Heat ageing condition @ 28 days 4.5-5.5 KN


Allow a minimum of 24 hours for the subsequent usage of the tile fixed areas. Do not tile if temperatures are likely to drop to below 5°C or exceed 50°C. For temperatures below 20°C allow the adhesive to cure for an extended period of time. Pot life, open time and adjusting time depends on the surface absorption, wind factor, temperature, humidity conditions at site.

The technical data provided in this technical data sheet is as per our internal lab testing and may vary as per the actual method of application at sites.







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