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Product Details:

Form Powder
Types Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, Vitrified
Application Normal, Tile On Tile, Tile Fixing
Categories Cementitious


  • Properties: Suitable for fixing tiles on floors and walls for interior as well as exterior of the building
  • Coverage: 4-5 sqft / kg
  • Application Method: Mix Platinum Waltech Tile Grout with water in 5:2 ratio by volume
  • Apply Platinum Tile Grout using notch trowel on the floor / wall
  • Also apply some quantity of Platinum Waltech Tile Grout on the back of the tile
  • Apply only small quantity of Platinum Waltech on the wall on which tiles can be placed within 3 to 5 minutes
    Platinum Waltech Tile Grout is a specially formulated, cement
    based, wide joint grout. It is suitable for internal and external
    applications. Floor Grout is suitable for use with glazed
    and unglazed tiles and has excellent adhesion to all tiles.
    3 – 15mm joints
    Water Resistant
    Interior and Exterior
    Standard Colours – Grey, Black, Ivory, Sandstone, Brown

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